Posted December 2, 2021

Faith is inherently social. For example, there are 2.5 billion Christians globally and many congregate at church, Sunday school, fellowships, discipleships, and more.

Why then, when we have best-in-class, venture-backed social and content platforms dedicated to everyone from gamers, to fashionistas, to sports card enthusiasts, are Christians not able to complement their in-person worship with an equally sophisticated and engaging online experience? Why does the Christian community rely on digital experiences built almost exclusively by non-profits?

This is the question Glorify cofounders Henry Costa and Ed Beccle asked themselves in 2019 when they set out to build the world’s leading online platform to help Christians practice their faith and connect online. As former founders, they knew that it was possible to build something that was delightful to use, with intuitive social features.

Today, Glorify is a best-in-class mobile app featuring individual and community-driven experiences, designed specifically for the Christian community.

By using this mix of text, music, visual imagery, audio, and more, Glorify aims to meet Christians where they are on their faith journey. The experience even borrows concepts like “streaks” from social and workout apps to help Christians build and strengthen their daily and weekly habits.

I’ve long wanted to see a Christian app for which UX, design, content, and social features rival that of the world’s best social and entertainment platforms. The experience can make all the difference in motivating someone to tune into their faith and have a moment for mindfulness. How many people have a bible sitting on their shelf — untouched? Or have maybe even downloaded an app but barely read more than an occasional verse of the day? With Glorify, I find myself truly engaging in the content — and I’m not alone. In fact, I’ve been blown away by how many influencers have organically shared Glorify with their own communities, accelerating its growth.

When I first met the Glorify team several months ago, I was immediately struck by their vision and networks across the Christian faith, as well as their passion for serving this community. As strong believers themselves, the Glorify founders know how to create a product that can be embraced by traditional churches, while resonating with today’s digital, on-the-go consumer.

I’m thrilled to be leading Glorify’s Series A as the team continues innovating on the product, growing their exclusive content library, and connecting Christians in new markets around the world.