Posted November 4, 2021

NFTs have already begun reshaping the internet, and those with rare properties are starting to illuminate the composability and functionality that’s central to web3. A new generation of products is reaching hundreds of millions of people, and molding an internet that frees users and creators from intrusive, extractive, centralized intermediaries. The most exciting example of this is the breakout success of Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, which allow game creators and players to share in the value generated when more people participate.  Historically, crypto has favored technical minds, and as a result appealed to a smaller user base –– but that’s changing. 

We’re seeing the creative floodgates in crypto gaming open up, as studios apply their talents to craft beautiful, compelling games that bring P2E concepts and playable NFTs to the mainstream. Among the teams building in this brave new world, Mythical Games stands out as a seminal company that combines substantial expertise in game design with a crypto-native mastery of web3 components to create groundbreaking experiences. 

Mythical Games is a next-generation gaming technology studio focused on bringing player owned economies mainstream via a suite of tools that can be used to create blockchain-supported AAA games. Blankos Block Party, the first game built on the Mythical Platform, is an online multiplayer world where players can collect, customize, and trade digital vinyl NFT toys called Blankos. The game, which entered early access (“Season 0”) in June of 2021, found a substantial audience that has purchased hundreds of thousands of Mythical’s playable NFTs, and attracted influential brand partners such as Burberry and Deadmau5.

Co-founders John, Jamie, and Rudy have built a seasoned team with a wealth of experience spanning AAA gaming studios and pioneering crypto companies. They also exemplify another accelerating trend in crypto today: best-in-class teams who are cracking the code of introducing crypto to a mass audience. We could not be more excited to partner with them on the road ahead, as they prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that games built for web3 are the future. Welcome, Mythical Games!