Posted May 26, 2021

Video is ubiquitous in the workplace today. We’ve long been excited about this growing trend of video for work (as evidenced by our investment in companies like Hopin, Loom, Mux, and Tandem) and in the future, whether it’s real time or asynchronous, we are confident that video in the workplace is here to stay. 

Video is a superior platform – it allows for more participants across different time zones to participate in meetings (making it a critical component for remote work) and has proven to be far more efficient for workers, yet it still allows for individuals to foster genuine relationships (both in and out of a workplace setting). From company all hands, to sales conversations, to employee onboarding and training, almost every meeting we used to host in person can be done via video.

Of course video has some short-comings, too, but many are actually the same short-comings as in-person meetings. For instance, decisions made on a video conference, or in a conference room, are rarely memorialized in any institutionalized way compared to decisions made over email that can be referred back to, referenced, or forwarded along as needed. While video meetings and calls can be recorded, it’s often not a great use of time to sift through hours of conversations to determine or identify primary takeaways, important action items, or key decisions.

When I was an entrepreneur I loved listening to recordings of prospective customers to hear their questions, objections, and ideas. But with time as a scarcity, what I really needed was a recap of those calls without having to listen in or review every recording. Same was true if I missed a company all-hands meeting, I wanted the content, but not to spend an hour replaying it. 

There is an urgent need for new tools that can empower employees to collaborate more efficiently and cross-functionally, increase transparency across an organization, and strengthen company culture in a virtual setting. 

This is why we were so excited to meet Connor and Scott and hear about what they were building at Rewatch. Rewatch is the central system of record for all video in an organization, making it seamless to store, manage, and collaborate on video. With Rewatch, employees can import videos from platforms like Zoom with a single-click, add structure to videos (e.g., permissions and tags), and organize videos into collections based on context and use case (e.g., all-hands and sales calls). Employees then have the flexibility to view meetings they may have missed, see what’s happening in other departments in the company, and unlock the spoken knowledge that would otherwise have been lost after a meeting ended. In addition, each video comes auto-transcribed with robust search capabilities to find videos with the relevant content and collaborative commenting for cross-company engagement. Even better, Rewatch is enterprise-ready from day one, with SOC-2 compliance and top-tier security measures to make sure internal knowledge remains internal and secure.

Companies like Brex, PlanetScale, Stedi, and The Athletic use Rewatch to house all-hands meeting, sales demos, employee onboardings, and user interviews. And the list of use cases goes on. Rewatch even replaced the internal system GitHub used to use to manage their video content.

As investors we get excited about founders first and foremost, and Connor and Scott immediately impressed us with their experience, clear articulation of the problem, and their vision for how Rewatch could be the end-all solution for video and knowledge management in an organization. They both worked at GitHub in senior roles from the early days, as a Senior Director of Product Design and a Principal Engineer, respectively, and have first-hand experience scaling a product. Since founding Rewatch in early 2020, they have very quickly built a great product, sold it to large-scale customers, and hired top-tier talent, demonstrating rapid founder and company velocity that is key to building an enduring company. 

If you’re at a company who values transparency, inclusion, context, and collaboration, you should check out Rewatch. We’re thrilled to partner with them on their journey. And of course, Rewatch is hiring