Posted January 26, 2022

The consumer moving experience stinks. For consumers, finding a quality mover, packing up, coordinating a move time, and even paying movers is logistically challenging. As it turns out, it’s even more complex for moving companies. They must source new customers, manage their online presence, schedule the movers and the trucks based on customer availability and demand, insure against damages and injuries, all while running the back office operations of the business and paying people who generally like to get paid the same day as the work they do.

This problem has only been exacerbated by COVID-19, which enabled people to work from anywhere and caused urban exodus – greatly accelerating the demand for moving services. Moving is up dramatically from pre-pandemic levels, and this increase in demand – coupled with national labor shortages and COVID protocols around moving – mean that moving businesses have seen unprecedented change, and strain, in their industry. 

Additionally, most moving companies are still run on pen-and-paper, and many are still cash-based. Pair that with the fact that moving companies often offer receiving, storage, and other services to customers, and it’s clear that this complex business is long overdue for a technology infusion. Pen-and-paper isn’t cutting it, and the business and consumer experience can be dramatically improved.

Supermove is a full stack, purpose-built system for moving, storage, and logistics companies to run their businesses: from booking and scheduling moves, to dispatching movers, to tools that help with billing and back-office management. Supermove pairs world-class product and design intuition with a clear understanding of the needs moving and storage companies have, resulting in an easy-to-use product that users love. Their customers – the moving companies, many of them first-generation Americans or first-time entrepreneurs – are effusive about how the Supermove product and team have helped their businesses. 

Wonjun and Mark, the co-founders of Supermove, are deeply invested in solving the pain points of the moving industry. Wonjun has moved 19 times in his life, and both he and Mark have experienced how outdated this industry is via several, challenging moves. Engineers by training, the pair set out to build a product that would support these moving companies, while also building for a far better consumer experience: text message updates, calendar reminders, online payments, move-related documentation, etc. They are deeply passionate about serving their customer base and have immersed themselves in their customers’ needs, echoed over and over again by their customers in diligence calls.

Supermove also embodies our American Dynamism and Vertical SaaS investing theses by equipping Main Street businesses with the tools they need to run and grow their companies. Since their launch, Supermove has seen explosive growth and has helped over 100 moving, storage, and logistics companies service more than $150M worth of moves across more than 100,000 customers. 

We are excited to lead Supermove’s Series A. If you’re eager to help modernize this market, and work with a killer team, Supermove is hiring. And if you know any moving or storage logistics businesses, Supermove is actively taking on new customers