a16z Podcast

a16z Podcast: Fintech for the People

Jimmy Chen, Matt Flannery, Ram Palaniappan, and Angela Strange

Posted December 24, 2017

New fintech companies are democratizing access to financial services in different ways, whether it’s making food stamps more efficient, no longer waiting two weeks for a paycheck, or enabling anyone with a smartphone in developing countries to create small businesses. But what these all have in common — besides a more inclusive approach to finance — is also changing, in some way, the fundamental way our financial system works.

Featuring CEO of Propel Jimmy Chen, CEO of Branch Matt Flannery, and CEO of Earnin Ram Palaniappan, in conversation with a16z partner Angela Strange, this episode of the a16z Podcast is based on a discussion that took place at a16z’s annual Summit in November 2017. Financial innovation can come in unexpected ways from unexpected places — but what does that mean for established players? For the future of fintech overall?