a16z Podcast

a16z Podcast: On Mentors and Mentees

Ken Coleman, Ben Horowitz, and Michel Feaster

Posted July 12, 2018

Everyone talks about the importance of mentorship in our professional development, whether it’s networking to broaden career opportunities or learning from someone more experienced. But how does one break into an industry without established contacts or prior exposure? Are things different if mentors/mentees come from different backgrounds? If you’re already more established in your career, how can you help up-and-comers… and actually, how could mentees help mentors, too?

This episode of the a16z Podcast aims to answer these questions, and more. It’s based on a networking event held by Andreessen Horowitz in May 2018 and featuring a Q&A moderated by Usermind CEO and co-founder Michel Feaster in conversation with a16z co-founder and general partner Ben Horowitz (also HER mentor); and Ken Coleman (also HIS mentor). Beginning with their personal journeys and ending with advice for others, they talk about their entry points into the tech world to how mentorship continues to play a role in their careers… both as mentors, and mentees.

photo credit: Chris Lyons