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a16z Podcast: Taking the Pulse on Bio

Jorge Conde, Vijay Pande, Malinka Walaliyadde, and Jeffrey Low

Posted December 14, 2017

This conversation between the members of a16z’s bio team — including general partners Jorge Conde and Vijay Pande; Malinka Walaliyadde; and Jeffrey Low (the interviewer) — takes a quick pulse on where we are with when bio becomes more like engineering.

Especially given the announcement of our second bio fund, this episode of the a16z Podcast covers everything from the broader trends at play to some specific areas of interest… as well as what types of entrepreneurs may bring us forward into the new Century of Biology.

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The a16z Podcast discusses the most important ideas within technology with the people building it. Each episode aims to put listeners ahead of the curve, covering topics like AI, energy, genomics, space, and more.

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