a16z Podcast

a16z Podcast: The Infrastructure of Total Health

Ben Horowitz and Bernard Tyson

Posted December 22, 2018

Bernard J. Tyson is the chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente, a $73 billion non-profit health organization that provides healthcare and coverage with more than 22,000 physicians caring for more than 12.2 million members across 9 states.

In  this conversion with a16z co-founder and general partner Ben Horowitz — which originally took place at a16z’s annual innovation summit, which focuses on building the future and included an entire theme focused on bio and healthcare — Tyson shares his thoughts on the state of healthcare today and where it might be going. How does an end-to-end healthcare system (like Kaiser’s) work in terms of assuming risk and responsibilities, while also maximizing value and lifetime care over a “head in the bed”? What’s the impact of — and challenges in adopting — technology in healthcare today? And finally, how does one strike a balance between affordability, quality, and lifetime care… and between innovating and addressing immediate needs? All this and more in this episode.