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a16z Podcast: The Science of Extending Life

Kristen Fortney, Vijay Pande, Thomas Rando, and Hanne Winarsky

Posted April 17, 2017

Is it real or science fiction to dream of being able to treat… getting old? In this episode, we discuss with Dr. Thomas Rando from Stanford (who directs the Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging), Kristen Fortney, CEO of BioAge, and a16z’s general partner Vijay Pande where we are in the field of “geroscience” — the idea of studying aging itself, and aging as the root risk for all aging related disease. Far from science fiction, recent discoveries have given us a whole crop of promising breakthroughs to treat aging, such as parabiosis (young blood infused into old blood), senolytics, and rapamycin, and more.

What we’re beginning to see is a fundamental shift away from the idea of searching for immortality and towards the idea of increasing “health span” — where prevention means much more than eating healthier or exercising more. Are we moving from Dx to Rx to — perhaps Px? What will it look like when anti-aging therapies actually begin to be delivered to us: small molecule or protein or an antibody — or something else entirely? A pill or a blood transfusion treatment? A vaccine for aging?

And finally, what has to change — conceptually, scientifically, logistically, in regulation — to get these therapies into the hands of all?

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