a16z Podcast

When Fintech Meets Social

Anish Acharya, D'Arcy Coolican, and Lauren Murrow

Posted March 12, 2020

The last financial crisis prompted many consumers to reassess their banking expectations—none more so than millennials and Gen-Z-ers. While revealing one’s financial information was once considered taboo, now consumers are more apt than ever to openly discuss money and debt on online platforms. It’s a trend that’s evident on both ends of the spectrum, whether that’s people divulging their crushing levels of debt on Twitter and Instagram (#debtfreejourney), bragging about their credit scores, or bemoaning their latest stock trades. And the repercussions extend far beyond social media.

In this conversation with fintech general partner Anish Acharya (a former product manager at Credit Karma), consumer tech partner D’Arcy Coolican (a social+ fintech founder himself), and host Lauren Murrow, we discuss why the “holy grail” of social plus fintech is both so challenging and, potentially, so rewarding. We cover which products and companies are taking advantage of it (some in rather novel ways), how it’s being driven by various subcultures online, and why this shift is happening now.

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