Posted August 2, 2023

With the world constantly generating more data, unlocking the full potential of AI means a constant need for faster and more resilient hardware.

In this episode – the second in our three-part series – we explore the challenges for founders trying to build AI companies. We dive into the delta between supply and demand, whether to own or rent, where moats can be found, and even where open source comes into play.

Show Notes

00:00 – Supply and demand

02:44 –  Competition for AI hardware

04:32 – Who gets access to the supply available

06:16 – How to select which hardware to use

08:39 – Cloud versus bringing infrastructure in house

12:43 – What role does open source play?

15:47 – Cheaper and decentralized compute

s19:04 – Rebuilding the stack

20:29 – Upcoming episodes on cost of compute