Posted October 30, 2023

Software crosses borders effortlessly. The globalization of money, however, is considerably more challenging. This is especially true for multinational businesses, which grapple with managing multiple accounts in diverse currencies, navigating costly foreign exchange rates, and unpredictable money transfers.

As businesses increasingly embrace a global default, top fintech entrepreneurs are rising to the challenge, addressing cross-border infrastructure issues and offering comprehensive solutions.

In this episode, a16z partners Angela Strange, Joe Schmidt, and Gabriel Vasquez discuss the challenges of cross-border payment infrastructures and what fintech entrepreneurs are doing to create a more integrated, financially inclusive world.

Show Notes

00:00 – Software crosses borders easily; money does not.

03:02 – Why has global payments been a challenge for so long?

05:44 – How global payments and money currently moves

07:25 – The metrics used to measure a country’s financial health

12:13 – The impact of regulation on financial services

16:23 – Can the same regulations be applied to any country?

21:29 – Why each country has its own fintech system

24:54 – Opportunities in global payments infrastructure

34:47 – Advice for founders navigating global fintech systems

36:58 – What does a truly global system enable?


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