a16z Podcast

Insights from the Frontlines of Consumer Tech

Connie Chan, Christopher Schroeder, Deb Liu, Tracy Sun, Susan Plagemann, and Brian Wong

Posted April 19, 2023

There is arguably nothing that impacts our daily lives more than consumer technology. This technology can drive our ability to change careers, build an audience, or feel understood.

And in this episode, listeners get a sneak peek into our new consumer series, Field Notes, where a16z’s very own Connie Chan speaks with the builders, creators, and investors behind the technology that shapes our daily lives.

If you like these segments, you can find the full episodes at a16z.com/fieldnotes.

Show Notes

00:00 – Introduction

02:13 – Chris Schroder

08:15 – Brian Wong

15:35 – Tracy Sun

23:03 – Deb Liu

30:56 – Susan Plagemann