a16z Podcast

Next-Gen Gaming: AI Souls, Real-time Culture, Personalized Avatars

Andrew Chen, Joshua Lu, Avi Romanoff, Kevin Fischer, Eric Berman, Travis Chen, Matt Weckel, and Robert Yang

Posted April 26, 2024

Over 3,700 companies applied to a16z’s SPEEDRUN. In this episode, we meet the founders pushing the boundaries of what games can be.

From the fusion of traditional gaming elements with modern tech-twists, a16z General Partner Andrew Chen and Partner Josh Lu discuss the challenges and wins of creating games that are not only fun but also integrate seamlessly into the digital age, from AI-twins to games that “move at the speed of culture”.

Whether you’re a developer, an enthusiast, or just curious about the future of interactive entertainment, this episode provides a glimpse into how today’s creators use creativity and technology to captivate.

If you’re passionate about shaping the future of gaming, consider applying for SPEEDRUN 3.0 at a16z.com/speedrun3.