Posted March 23, 2020

In the latest WFH episode of the a16z Podcast — recorded all remotely, of course — a16z general partners Connie Chan in consumer and David Ulevitch in enterprise discuss with Lauren Murrow the swift rise of remote work and virtual networking amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

For many streaming and virtual collaboration tools, the line between professional and social use is already blurring, whether that’s Zoom lunches, FaceTime piano lessons, or Discord lectures. This wide-ranging conversation covers the platforms powering our newly homebound workforce (and student body); creative use cases for video conferencing and streaming (from online education to virtual therapy); and whether remote work will become the new normal.

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The a16z Podcast discusses the most important ideas within technology with the people building it. Each episode aims to put listeners ahead of the curve, covering topics like AI, energy, genomics, space, and more.

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