a16z Podcast

When AI and Genomics Collide

Vijay Pande and Daphne Koller

Posted October 3, 2023

Today’s episode continues our coverage from a16z’s recent AI Revolution event. You’ll hear a16z Bio & Health GP Vijay Pande speak with Daphne Koller about the fascinating convergence of machine learning and genomics – two industries that have benefitted decades of investment and progress – which are now colliding head on.

Daphne is a prominent innovator at this intersection, as a long-time professor in computer science at Stanford and co-founder of Coursera, who has decided to step back into the arena with her company Insitro. In fact, Insitro is a blend of in silico and in virto!

If you’d like to access all the talks from AI Revolution in full, visit a16z.com/airevolution.