a16z Podcast

When Two Giants Intersect: Healthcare Meets Fintech

Julie Yoo and David Haber

Posted May 9, 2023

Most people don’t need a reminder of the state of healthcare in America. But it’s not just the consumer that’s hurting. Medical debt is increasing, billions are lost in unpaid claims, hospitals are in the red, service prices can range up to 30x….

In this episode, a16z GPs Julie You and David Haber explain where the healthcare system breaks down and how the three party system — between payors, providers, and consumers — can be rethought through the lens of Fintech.

Learn more about Healthcare x Fintech here: https://a16z.com/healthcare-meets-fintech/

Show Notes

00:00 – Introduction

02:50 – The intersection of healthcare and fintech

05:40 – The problems within US healthcare

09:00 – The stats behind US healthcare

12:10 – Where do the problems stem from in healthcare?

15:50 – New opportunities and regulatory changes

17:50 – Pushback on regulations

19:40 – Provider and patient models and transparency

21.10 –  The ‘No Surprises Act’ and the ‘Cures Act’

23:20 – Applying fintech infrastructure to healthcare

26:00 – Example: how Juniper in embedding fintech in healthcare

30:10 – Opportunities in the healthcare/fintech market

33:05 – Payvidors unbundled

34:55 – The financial operating system for healthcare

37:40 – How founders can approach the problems

39:23 – The investor standpoint on company opportunities

41:00 – Unsolved problems in the market

45:25 – The bridge between start-ups and incumbents

47:20 – Healthcare incumbent stats

48:50 – The window of opportunity for healthcare and fintech