The Autonomy Ecosystem: From Self-Driving Cars to Beyond!

Frank Chen

The story of technology is not unlike what often happens in dramatic stories and plays, where a “deus ex machina” or character drops down magically from the skies onto our world stage. But in reality, technology never comes so suddenly, or in such an isolated manner: There’s an entire ecosystem that grows up around, and is required for it all to work. In the case of autonomy and self-driving cars, what will change all around as a result of this tech?

Discussions focus so much on the tangible artifact — the car itself — but so much more will change beyond the car… from public infrastructure, the automotive value chain, and energy, to finance (including insurance), the justice system, and yes, shopping too. When do we think this will actually happen? Frank Chen (head of research, deal, and investing at a16z), considers these questions and use cases in this set of videos, which can be viewed together all at once or separately. One thing’s for sure: We’re at a critical inflection point with this technology, so the shift is going to happen a lot faster than we think…

1. The Autonomy Ecosystem: Where and How It Begins (Introduction)

2. The Autonomy Ecosystem: Public Infrastructure

3. The Autonomy Ecosystem: The Value Chain

4. The Autonomy Ecosystem: Energy

5. The Autonomy Ecosystem: Finance

6. The Autonomy Ecosystem: Justice Systems

7. The Autonomy Ecosystem: Shopping

8. The Autonomy Ecosystem: But When? (Conclusion)


images: Tony Hall/ Flickr

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