We at Andreessen Horowitz believe in the power of networks. In fact, most of our team members are not investors, but rather operators who spend all of their time building external relationships with important partners and connecting our portfolio companies into those partners. While our target partners run the gamut from Fortune 500 corporations to policymakers, engineers, executives, and investors, to name a few, our goal across all of these constituents is the same: To help accelerate the business objectives of our partners and our portfolio companies.

Our Executive Briefing Center (“EBC”) is one of the forums through which we achieve this goal. The idea is pretty simple: make it easy for large companies and government organizations to access innovative, early-stage technologies by hosting a set of meetings for them with a targeted cross-section of our portfolio companies. Done right, everyone wins — big organizations can “consume” innovation; and smaller, portfolio companies can reach key customers.

Since first opening the doors of our Executive Briefing Center here in Menlo Park, we’ve had more than 12,000 briefings and events, which has resulted in more than $3.5 billion in sales pipeline for our portfolio companies.

Yet, it turns out that Menlo Park is not the center of the universe and innovation can in fact travel. So, as our portfolio companies began to build a corporate presence outside of Silicon Valley, so too have we adapted. We began two years ago hosting “remote” briefing in other U.S. cities — and across the globe — to strengthen and grow our network. Now we have decided to make one of these locations more permanent, and are today announcing the opening of our New York City Executive Briefing Center.

We’ll still be headquartered in the Bay Area, but now we offer two great gateways to innovation in the East and the West.

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