a16z Podcast: Culture and/of Design

    “Mobile-first” (and now too AI-first) has been a mantra of sorts in design, but what does that mean at a company, product management, and competitive level? Especially given someone at company X will always say “we should do what Y did” — even if they have no idea let alone data why Y did it.

    And while designing for screens is “like growing a carp in a bathtub” (will inevitably grow to the size of the container), what do design constraints mean in an increasingly screen-less world — one where everything will eventually become an input … and even an output? What does it mean to design for a mobile world when “an app isn’t really an app” — and the very definition of apps are themselves evolving, including cross-culturally?

    From the age-old question of whether there are design universals to the age-old dynamic of bundling/unbundling, the guests on this episode of the a16z Podcast — Luke Wroblewski and a16z’s Connie Chan (in conversation with Sonal Chokshi) riff, hallway style, on all things design in practice. And on why startups may have the ultimate design advantage.

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