One of the defining characteristics in an industrial revolution is the fundamental shift from a bespoke, artisan process to an  industrialized, engineerable, repeatable one. In this video, general partner on the Bio Fund Vijay Pande describes how we are in the middle of a revolution driven by AI and machine learning that is industrializing discovery itself.

The discovery process of trying to understand biology — in everything from creating new drugs and new diagnostics, to innovating in the healthcare system itself — is today undergoing that fundamental shift. AI is transforming biology and healthcare, now applied to everything from synthesis of small molecule drugs, to lead optimization in medicinal chemistry, to biomarker discovery, even care delivery itself.

Pande dives into what the common applications of AI and deep learning in biology are, how they work, and breaks down the common myths, misconceptions, and challenges. If discovery itself is being industrialized, what does that look like? How can we tell that we’re in the middle of this transformation now, where will this take us, and what will we get out of it?

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