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Alex Rampell is a General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz where he focuses on financial services. He serves on the board of Branch, Brightside, Descript, Divvy, Earnin, FlyHomes, Loft, Mercury, PeerStreet, Point, Propel, Sentilink, Super Evil Mega Corp, Transferwise, and Very Good Security.

Alex additionally led the firm’s investments in OpenDoor ($OPEN), Plaid, Quantopian (acquired by Robinhood), and Rival (acquired by LiveNation).

Prior to joining the firm, Alex co-founded multiple companies including Affirm ($AFRM), which he co-founded with Max Levchin, FraudEliminator (acquired by McAfee in 2006), Point, TrialPay (acquired by Visa in 2015), TXN (acquired by Envestnest in 2019), and Yub (acquired by in 2013).

He holds a BA in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Harvard University.

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