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a16z Podcast: All about Bike Sharing

Lee Kleinman, Andrew Savage, Joshua Schank, and Hanne Winarsky

Posted February 2, 2018

There’s a new wave of bike-sharing in town. And this wave looks a little different than previous waves — from docked rows of government-funded bikes to dockless fleets of bicycles where users can find and unlock bikes through GPS from anywhere, with an app. But what can we learn from previous (both unsuccessful and successful) waves, what are the challenges in making bike sharing a real, viable transport option? What does bike sharing data reveal about human travel patterns? And how might dockless bike-sharing change, maybe even reshape, cities of the future?

This episode of the a16z Podcast — including city of Dallas councilmember Lee Kleinman, chairman of their Mobility Solutions, Infrastructure, and Sustainability Committee; Joshua Schank, CIO at the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority; and Andrew Savage, vice president of strategic development at LimeBike; in conversation with a16z’s Hanne Tidnam — looks at the trend of dockless bike sharing in cities.

image credit: Joe Wolf/ Flickr

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