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a16z Podcast: Construction Under Tech — Info Flows

Greg Lynn, Gina Neff, Tracy Young, and Hanne Winarsky

Posted June 13, 2018

Construction has been one of the industries most resistant to innovation and change over the last decades — productivity has actually decreased there while it has risen in other industries around it. So how are new technologies (finally!) beginning to transform the most brick-and-mortar of all the (literally!) brick-and-mortar industries?

This episode of the a16z Podcast — with Tracy Young, co-founder and CEO of PlanGrid; Greg Lynn, architect, professor at UCLA, and co-founder of Piaggio Fast Forward; and Gina Neff, sociologist at Oxford University (in conversation with Hanne Tidnam) — considers the problems, and progress, in the construction industry. Information flows in particular are one area where tech is already making meaningful inroads into the construction process… will coordination follow?