a16z Podcast

a16z Podcast: For Buzzfeed Sharing is the Metric that Matters

Chris Dixon and Jonah Peretti

Posted September 18, 2014


Jonah Peretti is building BuzzFeed to “inform, inspire and entertain” in a world where news and entertainment is increasingly passed around on social networks and consumed on smartphones. Chris Dixon, who is on the board of BuzzFeed as part of Andreessen Horowitz’s recent investment in the startup, sat down with Peretti to talk about building a media company from scratch. If editorial success is driven by digital word-of-mouth, and mountains of data about what people like to read and watch, what does Peretti do differently? Why do BuzzFeed’s lists work so well? Does video finally make financial sense? And why, even if it’s a traffic monster now, is Peretti not religious about any particular format — including lists. (For more on Dixon’s take on the media business, and BuzzFeed’s “full stack” approach check out this recent post.)