a16z Podcast

a16z Podcast: Investing in (Business and Career) Change

Marc Andreessen and Don Faul

Posted March 25, 2016

Most investors try to invest in things that don’t change and last forever — Warren Buffett for example loves Heinz ketchup! But VC is about investing in things that do change… a lot. How does this basic mindset challenge much of what people learn in business school or classic leadership training?  Do software-led businesses require different mindsets? What are some of the most common things first-time vs. serial entrepreneurs do?

This Q&A — with Marc Andreessen interviewed by Don Faul (former U.S. Marine platoon commander and head of operations at Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and now COO at Athos) — covers these topics, as well as what to consider when working for a big- v. small- (and especially intermediate-) -sized company, what it takes to make a career transition, and how to “go back to kindergarten”.

The conversation took place before a group of 25 veterans who participated in the Breakline education and hiring program (one week of which was hosted at Andreessen Horowitz) for veterans shifting into careers in the tech industry.

photo credit: Rene Tate for Breakline