a16z Podcast

Best Clips of 2022

Steph Smith, Das Rush, Steve Wozniak, Chris Power, Ryan Petersen, Marc Andreessen, Balaji Srinivasan, Karen Cheng, Moriba Jah, Alex Fielding, and Neal Stephenson

Posted December 27, 2022

We’ve had some incredible guests join us on the a16z podcast this year, ranging from moonshot entrepreneurs, to top creators, to some of the most forward thinking technologists – all of which are busy shaping the future right before our eyes…

We have so much more in store for 2023 and cannot wait for you to see who we bring on as guests. But before we turn the page, we wanted to recap some of the most interesting, thought-provoking segments from our 2022 roster. Here are 8 of our favorite clips, covering topics from AI to space to the metaverse… and beyond.