a16z Podcast

Disrupting the World’s Largest Asset Class with Adam Neumann

Marc Andreessen, David Ulevitch, and Adam Neumann

Posted February 7, 2023

Back in August, after a16z announced our investment into Adam Neumann’s new company, Flow, it felt like almost everyone – whether it was other VCs, founders, or journalists – had something to say.

But the one person that you didn’t hear from was Adam himself.

In this never-before shared footage from a16z’s American Dynamism Summit in Washington DC, Adam Neumann sits down with Marc Andreessen and David Ulevitch, to discuss the opportunities that have emerged from post-pandemic shifts in both work and home, and what Flow is doing to capitalize.

Show Notes

00:00 – Introduction

01:40 – Getting back in the arena

09:03 – The opportunity in housing

16:19 – Lessons from WeWork

19:13 – Work & home post-pandemic

27:34 – Moving to the cloud

34:23 – Office serendipity

37:51 – Building Flow

43:51 – Cities as startups