a16z Podcast

Growth vs Efficiency: Can You Have Both?

Bryan Kim, Gina Gotthilf, and Kieran Flanagan

Posted July 21, 2023

Despite the ease of product building, sustainable growth has become increasingly challenging as many traditional channels no longer deliver the same results.

In these challenging times, we explore the remaining growth opportunities. How can we achieve a balance between efficiency, profitability, and growth? Which channels are still relevant and how can they be effectively mastered in 2023?

Join us as we discuss these questions with three seasoned experts who have successfully navigated similar confusing times in the past: Gina Gotthilf, leading Latitud and renowned for her impressive tenure as the VP of Growth at Duolingo; Kieran Flanagan, a long-time SVP of Marketing at HubSpot; and Bryan Kim, Consumer GP at a16z, who held various leadership roles during Snap’s hypergrowth phase up to its IPO.

Show Notes

00:00 – What growth opportunities exist in 2023?

03:00 – What still works in growth?

05:02 – The fundamentals and framework of growth

07:02 – Assessing growth potential and product lead growth

09:33 – Distribution

11:15 – Your moat and growth

14:00 – Integrating AI for product lead growth

16:23 – Trust as a moat

17:23 – B2C growth – discovery and breaking through

18:51 – Can you get ahead of the incumbents?

22:03 – Examples of companies and products

24:59 – How do you foster a growth culture?

28:38 – Experimentation

34:20 – How companies using AI in distribution

44:43 – Growth challenge: What would you do with $10K?