a16z Podcast

Wartime vs Peacetime: Ben Horowitz on Leadership

Ben Horowitz and Jorge Conde

Posted August 24, 2023

In this exclusive conversation from a16z’s Bio and Health BUILD Summit, founding partner Ben Horowitz sits down with general partner Jorge Conde. They discuss everything from the inspiration behind Ben’s book The Hard Thing About Hard Things, how the open Internet was secured, the difference between wartime and peacetime CEOs, scaling culture, and understanding how bio & healthcare differs from other forms of technology.

Show Notes

00:00 – Introduction

02:09 – What are the most important lessons for a CEO?

08:45 – Surprising leaders in history

11:41 – Wartime CEO vs the peacetime CEO

14:54 – Cultures role

20:59 – Communication and scaling

25:39 – Culture as a moat

27:46 – The interplay between startups and incumbents

30:22 – Advice for founders on navigating AI