Since we raised the first a16z Growth Fund in 2019, our aim remains to partner with founders of companies in large markets, with ambitions to become global leaders, and arm them with resources and access to a16z networks to help them execute on their ambitious vision. With approximately $7.9 billion in regulatory assets under management across two Growth Funds¹, we could not be more thrilled to share that Bob Swan is joining our team as a Growth Operating Partner. In this role, Bob will help us identify and pursue new investments, serve on boards, and provide guidance and expertise to founders in our portfolio. 

Bob has had a distinguished career, most recently as the CEO and CFO at Intel, one of the largest technology companies in the world, overseeing 110,000 employees, $78 billion in sales, and increasing annual sales by over $20 billion during his tenure. He was previously the long-time CFO (and still remains a board member) of eBay, and was an executive for many years at Electronic Data Systems, TRW, Webvan, and GE, among others. Bob has had a unique career, with leadership experience across B2B technology, consumer internet, and fintech companies, making him a great fit for our a16z team. 

As a growth operating partner, Bob will work with our founders, drawing on his years of experience in all things company- and organization-building, executive recruiting, strategy for navigating dynamically changing technology markets, international expansion, go-to-market, M&A, capital markets, and much more. As CEO of one of the largest B2B companies in the world, and CFO/board member of one of the most important internet marketplaces and fintech companies in the world, Bob will be an invaluable partner to us and our portfolio companies. 

Not only has Bob been a long-time friend and mentor of mine, but he has had long standing personal relationships with many of us at a16z, including working closely with the firm nearly 10 years ago on the Skype acquisition deal. As someone whose humility is unmatched among executives in our network, we are excited about the experience Bob brings to the firm as well as his collaborative approach to work. 

Welcome, Bob!

¹ As of 12/31/20. See our Form ADV at for more information.

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