a16z Podcast

a16z Podcast: Entrepreneurs, Then and Now

Marc Andreessen, Ben Horowitz, and Stewart Butterfield

Posted June 28, 2019

A lot in technology — and venture — happens in decades. New cycles of technology come and go, including some secular shifts; a new generation of founders matures; and so much more changes. So when Andreessen Horowitz (dubbed with the numeronym “a16z”) was founded a decade ago as of this month, the tech landscape looked very different between then and now: Not only had the global economy just seen a recession, but trends like mobile and cloud and even social were just taking off.

Now, 10 years later, what’s changed — not just in tech, but in profiles of entrepreneurs? And what’s changed in the firm itself, given that Marc and Ben — the Andreessen and the Horowitz — were yet again entrepreneurs in founding the firm too? As another repeat entrepreneur from then to now, guest host Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack, interviews the a16z co-founders in this special episode of the a16z Podcast to commemorate our 10th anniversary.