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AI Will Save The World with Marc Andreessen and Martin Casado

Marc Andreessen and Martin Casado

Posted June 16, 2023

This week, a16z’s own cofounder Marc Andreessen published a nearly 7,000-word article that aimed to dispel fears over AI’s risks to our humanity – both real and imagined. Instead, Marc elaborates on how AI can “make everything we care about better.”

In this timely one-on-one conversation with a16z General Partner Martin Casado, Marc discusses how this technology will maximize human potential, why the future of AI should be decided by the free market, and most importantly, why AI won’t destroy the world. In fact, it may save it.

Read Marc’s full article “Why AI Will Save the World” here: https://a16z.com/2023/06/06/ai-will-save-the-world/

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