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Biology is technology

Biology is breaking out of the lab and clinic—and into our daily lives. Bio (our shorthand for the intersection of the life sciences, healthcare, technology and industry) is today where the computing revolution was 50 years ago: on the precipice of revolutionizing our world in ways we are only just beginning to appreciate. Through conversations with leading scientists, builders, entrepreneurs, and leaders, hosts Hanne Winarsky and Lauren Richardson (along with the team at Andreessen Horowitz), examine how bio is going to fundamentally transform our future. In short, bio is eating the world.

Latest Episodes

October 19, 2020

The Biology of Pain

Why do we experience physical pain? Is all pain the same, or are there different types? Do people experience pain differently? Professor of Neurobiology at ...

October 15, 2020

Journal Club: Super-Scaling COVID-19 Testing with DNA Sequencing

There is a wide range of diagnostic tests for COVID-19 that are all well suited for determining whether an individual patient is sick with the virus. ...

October 13, 2020

Biology by Design

We’re at the dawn of a new era where we’re truly able to design biology: from genetically engineered cotton, to meat made from plants, to incredibly ...

October 8, 2020

Journal Club: Turning a Toxin into a Genome Editing Tool

Over the past 15 years we have made huge advances in our ability to engineer the genome, meaning that we now have the ability to edit DNA in a ...

October 6, 2020

Going Back to the Workplace in a Pandemic

It's not normal to talk to your employer about the details of your health: your current temperature, who you've been exposed to, whether your kid is sick, ...

October 1, 2020

Journal Club: Modeling Mysterious Brain Structures

The human brain is endlessly fascinating and mysterious, but the majority of brain research to date has focused on neurons and their functions. While ...

September 29, 2020

Revolutions in Cancer Treament—Past, Present, and Future

with @JorgeCondeBio, @JLimMD, @AmerCancerCEO, and @omnivorousread In this episode of Bio Eats World, we explore all the major revolutions in cancer treatment ...

September 24, 2020

Journal Club: Degrading Drugs for Problematic Proteins

In Bio Eats World's Journal Club episodes, we discuss groundbreaking research articles, why they matter, what new opportunities they present, and how ...

September 22, 2020

The Biology of Aging

with @LauraDeming, @kpfortney, @vijaypande, and @omnivorousread Welcome to the first episode of Bio Eats World, a brand new podcast all about how biology is ...

August 18, 2020

Introducing "Bio Eats World"

This new show, from the same team that produces the popular a16z Podcast, will be all about how biology today is where technology was 50 years ago: on ...

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"This is the critical decade. Patients are for the first time receiving drugs that were developed in the context of aging biology."

Laura Deming on the advances in the science of aging

"[T]his exciting, still relatively young field of targeted protein degradation has just been set free from the confines of the cell."

Carolyn Bertozzi on designing a new drug modality

"[T]hat could really save money, animal lives, and you could start using it to modify drugs and see if you can increase their permeability. Or decrease, maybe you don't want them to enter the brain."

Madeline Lancaster on using brain organoids to improve drug development

"[W]e're going to have to innovate our way to a better approach. And this is an early but potentially powerful glimmer of hope for finding novel ways to understand and study and ultimately treat mitochondrial diseases."

Jorge Conde on new research editing the mitochondrial genome for the first time

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