The First Principles of Executive Hiring

Building your executive team is key to scaling your company quickly and effectively. These first principles lay the foundation for making those hires.


The Hard Things About Scaling: Executive Hiring

Discussions about how to hire (and fire) executives, the common reasons an exec fails, the importance of having a reference strategy, and more.

The Hiring Process

A well-designed hiring process will give you an edge in recruiting and retaining top talent, shorten the time it takes to hire and onboard an executive, and set a new leader up for wins within the first 100 days.


Executive Compensation

Competition for good executives is stiff, which means your offer needs to be competitive. The key is balancing cost and consistency with your existing leadership team’s compensation.


Hiring Technical Executives

How you structure your technical teams and who you hire to lead them is key to maintaining your existing products while building innovative new ones. Our approaches to org design, broader trends, and getting the right leaders.

Hiring Go-to-Market Executives

Once you have a foothold in the market, you need to hire leaders who can scale your company to the next level of ARR. Our guidance on evolving your GTM organization and hiring growth-stage GTM leaders.

Hiring Operational Executives

During the growth stages, you need executives who can build out processes that both work as you scale and address what breaks down as you do. Our approaches to hiring leaders who can scale with the complexity of your business.

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