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  • The real checklist: credible growth story + operating leverage + accurate forecasting

  • Fintech Fuels Global Payments New
    Angela Strange, Joe Schmidt, Gabriel Vasquez, Lauren Murrow, and Denis Young

    How cross-border infrastructure, instant payments, and open banking advances are creating a more integrated, financially inclusive world.

  • Software Transcends Borders—Why Not Money? New
    Angela Strange, Joe Schmidt, and Gabriel Vasquez

    The company of the future is default global. Top fintech entrepreneurs are pursuing integrated cross-border payment infrastructure and full-stack solutions.

  • The process of moving money between countries is complicated and costly. Here's how foreign exchange works and what happens when you send money abroad.

  • The UK is the goldilocks of financial services: big enough to be meaningful on a global scale, but small enough to make decisions faster than the U.S. or the rest of Europe.

  • Fintech has the potential to fully drive India’s economy. One major factor: the Reserve Bank of India has enacted progressive regulations at a rapid pace.

  • Advances in licensing and open finance, the promise of ubiquitous instant payments, and regulatory support for solutions are feeding a fintech surge.

  • Through the introduction of open banking and other regulatory advances, the B2B sector is poised to reshape the financial landscape for enterprises in Mexico.

  • Softwares Transcendem Fronteiras—Por Que o Dinheiro Não? New
    Angela Strange, Joe Schmidt, and Gabriel Vasquez

    Softwares são globais por natureza e transcendem fronteiras com facilidade. A globalização do dinheiro, no entanto, é um desafio muito maior.

  • El Software Trasciende las Fronteras—¿Por Qué el Dinero no lo Hace? New
    Angela Strange, Joe Schmidt, and Gabriel Vasquez

    A medida que la compañía del futuro se vuelve global por defecto, ahora existe un verdadero catalizador para el cambio. Los principales emprendedores buscan una infraestructura transfronteriza que sea más fácil de usar e integrar, así como soluciones completas para las propias empresas.

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