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The a16z Podcast is the go-to place for discussions about technology, innovation, and change as it impacts all our lives, covering everything from tech trends and culture to company building for companies of all sizes. As technology changes everything — not just in Silicon Valley or in traditional “tech” companies, but across all industries — it’s also changing the way we all work, live, eat, learn, and play. This show aims to help make sense of it all: for builders, for the tech curious, for anyone seeking to understand the future, now, through carefully curated, in-depth yet accessible, nuanced conversations with top industry and academic experts from around the world; company leaders, builders, makers; book authors; and emerging voices.

Latest Episodes

January 13, 2021

Developers as Creatives

The rise of developers -- as buyers, as influencers, as a creative class -- is a direct result of "software eating the world", and of key shifts in IT from ...

January 9, 2021

Section 230: Everything You Need to Know -- Tweets, Free Speech, Beyond

All about section 230 of the Communications Decency Act -- in what Wired senior writer (and host of the Get Wired podcast) described as "one of the ...

January 6, 2021

Baumol's Cost Disease, in Healthcare... and Where We Go Next

If software’s eating the world -- and more specifically, bringing costs down and increasing productivity through entire industries -- why have some ...

December 24, 2020

Words of 2020! (and Metaphors, and Interfaces of the Year)

"In a year that left us speechless, 2020 has been filled with new words unlike any other”... so it's unprecedented that for the first time, the Oxford ...

December 21, 2020

The Machine That Made the Vaccine: Company, Platform, Innovation

In this special episode of Bio Eats World -- which aired right after the FDA authorized Moderna's mRNA vaccine for emergency use -- Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel ...

December 14, 2020

The PPP Omnibus: Eminent Domain, Fraud, and Fintech

This episode features two relevant but previously recorded episodes, discussing the relevance of the Paycheck Protection Program (or PPP) from the Small ...

December 7, 2020

The Holy Grail of Social + Fintech

The intersection of social and finance—as well as shifting attitudes around what we share about money online—have given way to an ambitious new wave of ...

December 4, 2020

On Fear and Leadership: Product to Sales CTOs & CEOs

There's a few ontologies for describing the phases leaders -- and their startups -- go through, whether it's product-sales-etc. or pioneer to settler. In any ...

November 26, 2020

On Food As Medicine (A Holiday Snack)

What happens if we treat food as a medicine in the healthcare system: How, where, and who (pays)? What role can technology play in increasing access, ...

November 22, 2020

Crypto for Creators: From Art Galleries to 'Tokenized' Collectibles

This episode features Q&As with two artists who are exploring crypto-powered auction sites and marketplaces – this is part of our ongoing series on the ...

November 20, 2020

What to Know about Those Vaccines

A vaccine for COVID seems to be (almost) here… or is it? What’s hype/ what’s real beyond the headlines (and beyond the press release), when it comes to ...

November 16, 2020

The Social Serendipity of Cloud Gaming

True cloud-native games—those exclusive to and solely playable within the cloud—are poised to revolutionize gameplay and unlock new avenues of ...

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The Environment, Capitalism, Technology

It used to be that the only way for humanity to grow — and progress — was through destroying the environment. But is this interplay between human growth vs. environment really a zero-sum game?

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How can we evolve the web for a better future? Has the web become a mature platform — or are we still in the early days of knowing what it can do and what role it might have in our lives?

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Storytelling IS business -- whether it's a company or a community or a product or a movement -- and is not just about the stories we tell others but the ones we tell ourselves.

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